Schwarz, Riemann, Riemann-Hilbert Problems and Their Connections in Polydomains

  • Alip Mohammed
Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 205)


This paper presents results on some boundary value problems for holomorphic functions of several complex variables in polydomains. The Cauchy kernel is one of the significant tools for solving the Riemann and the Riemann-Hilbert boundary value problems for holomorphic functions as well as for establishment of the connection between them. For polydomains, the Cauchy kernel is modified in such a way that it corresponds to a certain symmetry of the boundary values of holomorphic functions in polydomains. This symmetry is lost if the classical counterpart of the one-dimensional form of the Cauchy kernel is applied. The general integral representation formulas for the functions, holomorphic in polydomains, the solvability conditions and the solutions of the corresponding Schwarz problems are given explicitly. A necessary and sufficient condition for the boundary values of a holomorphic function for arbitrary polydomains is given and an exact, yet compact way of notation for holomorphic functions in arbitrary polydomains is introduced and applied. The Riemann jump problem and the Riemann-Hilbert problem are solved for holomorphic functions of several complex variables with the unit torus as the jump manifold. The higher-dimensional Plemelj-Sokhotzki formula for holomorphic functions in polydomains is established. The canonical functions of the Riemann problem for polydomains are represented and applied in order to construct solutions for both of the homogeneous and inhomogeneous problems. For all three boundary value problems, well-posed formulations are given which does not demand more solvability conditions than in the one variable case. The connection between the Riemann and the Riemann-Hilbert problem for polydomains is proven. Thus contrary to earlier research the results are similar to the respective ones for just one variable.


Several complex variables Schwarz problem Riemann problem Riemann-Hilbert problem polydomain holomorphic functions 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

Primary 32A25 Secondary 32A26 32A30 32A07 32A40 30E25 35N05 35Q15 


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