Nearly invariant and de Branges spaces

  • Alexandru Aleman
  • William T. Ross
  • Nathan S. Feldman
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It turns out that we can also describe the nearly invariant subspaces of Open image in new window in terms of a de Branges-type space on Open image in new window . First let us review the well-known de Branges spaces on ℂ ∖ ℝ . We follow [25, p. 9–12]. Let Ψ be an analytic function on the upper half plane \( \mathbb{C}_ + = \{ \Im z > 0\} \) such that ℜΨ≥0. The classical Herglotz theorem [25, p. 7] says that there is a non-negative measure μ on \( \mathbb{R} \) and a non-negative number p such that
$$ \Re \Psi (x + iy) = py + \frac{1} {\pi }\int_{ - \infty }^\infty {\frac{y} {{(t - x)^2 + y^2 }}} d\mu (t), x + iy \in \mathbb{C}_ + . $$
The reader will recognize the above integral as the Poisson integral of μ. Extend Ψ to the lower half plane so that
$$ \Psi (z) = \overline {\Psi (\bar z),} z = x + iy, y < 0. $$
. A theorem of de Branges [25, p. 9] says that there exists a unique Hilbert space L(Ψ) of analytic functions on \( \mathbb{C}\backslash \mathbb{R} \) such that for each fixed \( w \in \mathbb{C}\backslash \mathbb{R} \) , the function
$$ z \mapsto \frac{{\Psi (z) + \overline {\Psi (w)} }} {{\pi i(\bar w - z)}} $$
belongs to L(Ψ) and
$$ F(w) = \left\langle {F(z),\frac{{\Psi (z) + \overline {\Psi (w)} }} {{\pi i(\bar w - z)}}} \right\rangle _{\mathcal{L}(\Psi )} \forall F \in \mathcal{L}(\Psi ). $$
The previous identity says that the functions in (5.1.2) are the reproducing kernel functions for L(Ψ). Furthermore, if μ is the measure from (5.1.1), the linear transformation
$$ f \mapsto \frac{1} {{\pi i}}\int_{ - \infty }^\infty {\frac{{f(t)}} {{t - z}}} d\mu (t) $$
maps L2 (μ) isometrically into L(Ψ) and the orthogonal complement of the range of this transformation contains only constant functions. For example, if p=0 in (5.1.1), this map is onto.


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