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Data Quality Model-Based Testing of Information Systems: Two-Level Testing of the Insurance System

Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP,volume 413)


In order to develop reliable software, its operating must be verified for all possible cases of use. This can be achieved, at least partly, by means of a model-based testing (MBT), by establishing tests that check all conditions covered by the model. This paper presents a Data Quality Model-based Testing (DQMBT) using the data quality model (DQ-model) as a testing model. The DQ-model contains definitions and conditions for data objects to consider the data object as correct. The proposed testing approach allows complete testing of the conformity of the data to be entered and the data already stored in the database. The data to be entered shall be verified by means of predefined pre-conditions, while post-conditions verify the allocation of the data into the database. The paper demonstrates the application of the proposed solution to the insurance system, concluding that it is able to identify previously undetected defects even after years of operating the IS. Therefore, the proposed solution can be considered as an effective complementary testing approach capable to improve the quality of an information system significantly. In the context of this study, we also address the MBT approach and the main factors affecting its popularity and identify the most popular ways of classifying MBT approaches.


  • Complete test set
  • Data quality model
  • Information system
  • Model-Based testing
  • Pre-condition
  • Post-condition

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This work has been supported by University of Latvia project AAP2016/B032 “Innovative information technologies”.

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