Ethical Considerations on Using Learning Analytics in Finnish Higher Education

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Utilization of learning analytics in universities is complex setting and there are several issues on motives, expectations and insights on ethics There is lack of critical literature as the whole topic on learning analytics is still mostly addressed from the perspective of analytics per se. Current literature draws idealistic picture of well-functioning apparatus that supports studying process, enhances learning out-comes and eases the managerial burden and contradictions, even conflicts on utilizing learning analytics are only marginally discussed. The discussion on ethics of using learning analytics is spawns from the different practical and ideological issues regarding learning analytics. Taking the perspectives of privacy, ownership of data, and how studies are managed there are differences on expectations among the students and personnel. The aim of this paper is to examine and discuss the dissonance between expectations and hopes on ethical conduct of learning analytics in Finnish universities. The analysis is based on open ended replies of a survey collected among Finnish university students and staff in spring 2019.


Learning analytics Higher education Ethics User expectations 


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  1. 1.Faculty of Information Technologies and Communications SciencesTampere UniversityTampereFinland

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