Ecosystem of Ecosystems in InterCity Biking

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Digitalization, megatrends, the new opportunities offered by technologies have caused societies to break through towards the fourth industrial transformation. It will change the whole society and its structures alongside the business. All societies, not just corporations, but also cities and regions, have to prepare for the change caused by digitalization. That challenges also traditional organizational structures. This requires a new type of business operation and organization.

Cities are responding to the rapid progress of society and are moving from traditional organizational structures to ecosystem development. They are building their own network to involve in developing new operations. While cities largely receive their own funding as taxes, development and change management must be considered in the same way as in businesses. A key measure of efficiency is the improved service and achieved cost efficiency. The article examines the city biking ecosystem development on the Finnish Growth Corridor.


Ecosystems Biking Management of change Smart city 


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  1. 1.Häme University of Applied SciencesHämeenlinnaFinland

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