Conclusions, Directions for Future Research and Pedagogical Implications

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The present monograph has been dedicated to the experience of boredom, an academic emotion that is pervasive in educational contexts, including such that involve the learning and teaching of additional languages, but at the same time it has been sidelined by both SLA researchers and foreign language teachers. This is because, on the one hand, there are other, somewhat related, ID variables that have been traditionally the focus of empirical investigation, such as anxiety, motivation or willingness to communicate.

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  1. 1.Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine ArtsAdam Mickiewicz UniversityKaliszPoland
  2. 2.State University of Applied SciencesKoninPoland
  3. 3.University of Zielona GóraZielona GóraPoland
  4. 4.University of Zielona GóraZielona GóraPoland

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