Development of an Energy Recovery Device Based on the Dynamics of a Semi-trailer

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A semi-trailer is a vehicle without a power unit, whose purpose is to carry goods and materials; semi-trailers differ one from another based on the type and weight of the transported goods. In this work, we analyzed the motion dynamics of a generic articulated vehicle and developed a rigid multibody model. First, we analyzed mathematical models from literature to understand the vehicle’s dynamic; secondly, we created a 3D model, based on theoretical background and typical constructive solutions; finally, we launched multibody simulations in a multi-domain environment SimScape. The results were used to evaluate the obtainable electric energy harvesting part of semi-trailer wheels’ rotational kinetic energy; finally, the electric power would be stored into a battery. Having an energy recovery system mounted directly on the semi-trailer would result in great benefits both for the costs and for the environmental impact: since every utility needs the engine to be always active, with an electric source we could power every utility of the semi-trailer without using the engine so that we could avoid the unnecessarily introduction of pollutants into the atmosphere.


Heavy vehicle Dynamics Vehicle Multibody Fuel economy 


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