Intraoperative Dental Implant Complications

  • Behnam Bohluli
  • Seied Omid Keyhan
  • Behzad Cheshmi
  • Christopher Ward


Dental implant therapy is currently considered the gold standard in restoring missing dentition. However, with the surge in dental implant placement over the past decade, the incidence of associated complications has also steadily increased in this period. To date, these complications have been extensively discussed in the literature. Complications can occur at any step in the implant process, including the preoperative planning phase, intraoperatively, or postoperatively (even many years after implant placement). In contrast to preoperative and postoperative complications, intraoperative complications usually occur unexpectedly and need to be dealt with in an urgent fashion. This chapter will review some of the significant complications that may arise during the surgical phase of implant placement. It will also focus on avoiding critical errors and discuss how to manage potential complications in a timely and efficient manner.


Implant Complications Intraoperative 


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