Non-contact Health Monitoring with LDV

Part of the Bioanalysis book series (BIOANALYSIS, volume 9)


In the last years, non-contact health monitoring has become a research topic in biomedicine. It delivers several advantages in applications such as intensive care, home health care, rehabilitation, nursing of elderly, monitoring of physical efforts, measuring the stress of drivers and human–machine interaction. In literature, different methods for the detection of important vital signs can be found. Among them the Laser Doppler Vibrometry presents metrologic properties suitable for the detection of vital signs. Laser Doppler Vibrometry has been adopted in several biomedical fields. The application of interest in this book is restricted to the monitoring of cardiovascular and respiratory signals. This chapter reports a brief introduction of the available contactless methods for health monitoring. Consequently, the current state of laser Doppler vibrometry as a non-contact detection tool and its application for cardiac and respiration monitoring are described.


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