Managing a University Inclusive Access (E-Book) Program to Maximize Stakeholder Satisfaction

  • Courtney Hurley
  • Weixing Ford


With the dramatic increase in the cost of textbooks, university Inclusive Access/E-book (IAE) programs have become a popular alternative for providing the required course content to students at a rate that is significantly lower when compared to traditional textbook models. IAE programs typically provide course content to students through a course-fee structure that is added to students’ tuition and fee schedules for each semester. Overall, universities often use IAE programs in an attempt to reduce the cost of textbooks and to increase accessibility to required course material. This chapter conducts a case study examining the university IAE program at Texas A&M University–San Antonio to demonstrate how the four management functions (i.e., planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling) can be utilized for the successful management of an IAE program.


E-book Inclusive Access Program Electronic book E-textbook Management Planning Organizing Influencing Controlling Satisfaction Stakeholder Texas Higher education 


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  • Weixing Ford
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  1. 1.Texas A&M University-San AntonioSan AntonioUSA

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