Security Rights in Intellectual Property in Croatia

  • Romana Matanovac Vučković
  • Hano ErnstEmail author
  • Igor Gliha
Part of the Ius Comparatum - Global Studies in Comparative Law book series (GSCL, volume 45)


This Chapter surveys the Croatian law on secured transactions involving intellectual property. As Croatia has been an emerging market since the early nineties and an EU member since mid-2013, the Croatian legal system has been challenged by simultaneous developments in areas of both secured transactions law and IP law. These developments have unfortunately resulted in two complex systems, which remain closed in and burdened by their own idiosyncrasies. As in other developed jurisdictions (with notable exceptions, such as in the US), secured transactions over IP in Croatia remain rare and fraught with significant legal risks and uncertainties. As noted by Professor Kieninger in her general analysis in this volume, it is, however, clear that there is a growing market and global need for such transactions, particularly in the early financing of SMEs, to which Croatian law will be unable to stay immune or unresponsive. Given that it requires significant changes in order to achieve clarity and to develop a streamlined version of secured credit involving IP, Croatian law will most certainly have to be revamped, hopefully finding inspiration in competitive comparative models presented in other chapters. This offers a silver lining to its current somewhat erratic and still immature non-unitary system of secured transactions.


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  • Romana Matanovac Vučković
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  • Hano Ernst
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  • Igor Gliha
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