Contribution of Facilities Management Towards Hotel Sustainability

  • Joselyn GoopioEmail author
Part of the Geographies of Tourism and Global Change book series (GTGC)


This paper is formulated in response to the need to understand the concept of facilities management practice and the growing importance given to sustainability issues in hotels. It aims to present the main contribution of facilities management in the operation, management and maintenance of sustainable hotels. It expounds the role of facilities management in a hotel facility and how it relates to the three-dimensional concept of sustainability that focuses on environmental, economic and social equity issues. The integration of the different facets of facilities management to the triple bottom line of sustainable development leads to developing a model based on the intellectual human capital framework. This paper is based on literature review of published work within the hospitality and tourism industry in relation to facilities management, human resource and sustainability principles which may serve as basis for further research paradigm.


Facilities management Sustainable practice Hotels Human resource management 


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