‘Slavery is … Allied to the Injustice to Women’: Morality, Equality and Citizenship



This chapter studies Bodichon’s viewpoint on the questions of slavery and women’s suffrage. I begin with a discussion of her most salient writings on these themes. The chapter moves on to explore, in line with Bildung’s idea of travelling as sources of self-alienation, the role travel letters between Bodichon and her family and friends played in providing her with a site for articulating her learning as effected by the encounter with the unknown in America. Next, I explore the fundamental role letters played in the development of the first campaign in favour of women’s suffrage, in terms of logistics and as feminist platforms. I suggest that letters permitted Bodichon to contribute to this campaign from wherever she was. Notwithstanding, demonstrating the limits of Bildung’s notion of self-alienation as read through the lens of Foucault’s concept of power, throughout this chapter I tease out the problematic implications of Bodichon’s resulting (feminist) viewpoints.

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