‘To Be Happy Is to Work, Work – Work – Work’: Affection, Creativity and Self-Fulfilment



This chapter looks at Bodichon’s take on the question of employment opportunities for women. I start the chapter by examining Bodichon’s most relevant work on this theme. I next analyse Bodichon’s feminist viewpoint on women’s training and access to the job market as she expressed it in her letters. Putting into play Bildung’s notion of intersubjective creative mimesis, I explore the way in which Bodichon’s letters to and about provided a propitious platform for the kind of dialogical and transformative interaction Bildung requires. I next analyse Bodichon’s letters from. I incorporate Bildung’s ‘tool’—autonomy—and I tease out Bodichon’s epistolary working out of her self-determination in her own epistolary narratives. I do so by drawing the attention of the pivotal axis feelings of friendship and affection among Bodichon and her female friends played in providing her with an epistolary forum for learning and self-discovery, where she justified women’s work in terms of creativity and self-fulfilment.

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