Bringing the Phenomenal World into View

Part of the Nordic Wittgenstein Studies book series (NRWS, volume 5)


Using aspect perception as a point of entry, this chapter argues that the phenomenal world—the world as perceived and responded to prior to being thought, or thought about—is repressed in both Travis’s work on perception and McDowell’s. In focusing exclusively on perception as providing us with objects of judgments, or Fregean thoughts, both Travis and McDowell ignore altogether the world as it presents itself to us apart from any particular judgment or (objective) thought about it. And yet, it is that world that solicits, or elicits, movements and words from us—including what may be called ‘judgments’—and provides the background apart from which they would not have whatever sense they have for us.


Aspect perception Perception Judgment Charles Travis John McDowell Cora diamond The phenomenal world Phenomenology 

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