On Learning from Wittgenstein; or What Does It Take to See the Grammar of Seeing Aspects?

Part of the Nordic Wittgenstein Studies book series (NRWS, volume 5)


This chapter revisits Wittgenstein’s remarks on aspects, as well as my earlier disagreement with Mulhall on how to read those remarks, but its focus is on Wittgenstein’s general approach—as exemplified in his remarks on aspects—to the elucidation and dissolution of philosophical difficulties. In the second part of the chapter, I apply that approach, as I understand it, to Mulhall’s proposed ‘dissolution’ of the ‘paradox’ of aspect-dawning. This critical engagement with Mulhall was my first sustained attempt to practice what I then thought of as Wittgensteinian therapy, and later also came to think of as a form of ordinary language philosophy.


Aspect perception Wittgenstein’s method of grammatical investigation Wittgensteinian therapy Mulhall 

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