What’s the Point of Seeing Aspects?

Part of the Nordic Wittgenstein Studies book series (NRWS, volume 5)


This chapter presents a grammatical characterization of Wittgensteinian aspects that is inspired by Kant’s (grammatical) characterization of judgments of beauty in the Critique of the Power of Judgment, and offers a broadly romanticist understanding of the significance of aspect perception—where that includes both the experience of ‘aspect-dawning’ and our typical ways of sharing it, or trying to. The chapter also argues against Mulhall’s and Johnston’s influential reading of Wittgenstein’s remarks on aspects, and most importantly against their idea that our normal perceptual relation to the world may aptly be characterized by what Wittgenstein refers to as ‘continuous’ aspect perception.


Aspect perception Language-game The point of an utterance Being struck Continuous aspect perception Kant Beauty Stephen Mulhall Paul Johnston 

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