Scaled Roller Rig to Assess the Influence of Active Wheelset Steering on Wheel-Rail Contact Forces

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The CTU roller rig is 1:3.5 scaled test rig that serves mainly as a tool for experimental verification of mathematical simulations and demonstration of the possible benefits of using active controlled elements in railway bogies. Currently it is involved in the development of a system of active wheelset steering for an electric locomotive. The goal of this system is to reduce forces in the contact of wheels and rails in a curved track. This project necessitated the further development of the CTU roller rig, particularly needed were the capability to apply the centrifugal force on the test bogie, and the capability to measure forces in the wheel-roller contacts and forces transmitted between the bogie-frame and axle-boxes. These requirements led to the design of a new rig mainframe that tilts around the longitudinal axis and instrumentation of the rollers and test bogie components by strain gauge bridges.

The systems of measuring the forces in the wheel-roller contacts and the axle-box forces have been calibrated, implemented on the rollers and the experimental bogie and successfully tested. The new roller rig mainframe and components of the tilting mechanism are currently in the production. The paper describes in detail recent design changes of CTU roller rig, their implementation and testing.


Roller rig Curved track Active control Wheelset steering Guiding forces 


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