Research on Intelligent Retrieval Technology of User Information in Medical Information System Under the Background of Big Data

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Intelligent information technology had made outstanding contributions to strengthening information management in hospitals and improving the level of hospital construction. It had become the key development object in the future of hospital intelligence information data management. As one of the most important data information in the hospital, the management of the user data of the medical information system had an extremely important influence and significance on the decision making of the future management of the hospital, the use of medical data, and the forensics of the judicial materials. The traditional manual operation and manual computer operation of the user data management model of medical information system had a direct impact on the development process of information intelligent management of the future hospital users. Therefore, the intelligent management of the important database of the medical information system user data was of great significance to the exchange and use of data experience within the hospital, and even the world, as well as the intelligent management of the hospital and the scientific and technological development of the medical future. Through the medical record management of the key information of medical system files, this paper effectively removes redundant data and improves data retrieval efficiency; it realizes accurate collection of medical information according to visualization technology. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by experiments.


Big data Medical information system User information Intelligent retrieval Privacy protection 


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