Design of All-Pass Filter System for Power Communication with High Anti-harmonic Interference

  • Caiyun DiEmail author
  • Zhi Zhao
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In the traditional system, the prediction sensing unit was lacking, which caused the output voltage and current harmonic content to deviate greatly from the actual value. In order to solve this problem, the design of the all-pass filtering system for power communication with high anti-harmonic interference was proposed. According to the hardware structure block diagram of the system, the predictive sensing module was designed to obtain readable and unreadable information. In order to make the system only transmit readable information, the closed switch was designed, and the client module at the end of the hardware was set to display the prediction results and improve the harmonic interference problem; For the above system hardware control module, the software part was designed, and the filter system function was determined according to the software design flow, thereby completing the design of the all-pass filter system for power communication with high anti-harmonic interference. The experimental results showed that the output voltage and current harmonic content of the system were consistent with the actual value, which provided a certain reference for the filter anti-interference.


High anti-harmonic interference Power communication All-pass filter Perception Prediction 


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