Multi-source Heterogeneous Data Acquisition Algorithm Design Different Time Periods

  • Jun LiEmail author
  • Jun Xing
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The traditional algorithm was affected by dynamic error and data loss, resulting in low efficiency of collection. In order to solve this problem, a time division collection algorithm based on data format transformation was proposed. According to the data format conversion process multi-source heterogeneous configuration files, and access to the content of the whole configuration file and the GDAL, according to the results of the configuration process design algorithm, under the constraints of the input data for approximate operation, minimize the objective function, through the fixed matrix other factors influence on partial derivatives root, period of time the multi-source heterogeneous data acquisition algorithm design. The experimental results showed that the maximum collection efficiency of the algorithm can reach 90%, which provided an effective solution for scientific researchers to solve the problems caused by differences in data format.


Multiple source Heterogeneous data Period of time Acquisition Dynamic error Packet loss 



National Key R&D Program of China (2017YFF0211100).

Shenzhen Science and Technology Project (KJYY20160229141621130).


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