Conclusion: The Present Realities and the Future of the EU’s Labour Migration Policy Process



In the context of policy-making since 1950s, the merits of theoretical labour governance reveal the interplay of different approaches and conceptual framework, pointing to continuing evolving process. As migration history suggests, much has been achieved to date, including significant steps to remove internal barriers to mobility, propose reforms of rules and procedures on the EU nationals, and further measures on social protections. As regards to the political efficiency of the migration policy-making, the EU rules have, thus, already provided a solution on freedom of movement. But what needs most is migration policy to be developed with a wider and more long-term labour market outlook. Relief and root-cause reduction in the complexity of the labour migration policy process is closely associated with the European policy approach to the migration problem. This owns much to a multi-dimensitional policy-making in migration, The reflections on the future of free movement as laid out in the EU treaties certainly calibrate drivers of change in the next decade. Such reflections present a range of scenarios for how migration policy process could effectively evolve in the medium or long term.


Free movement of Labour Labour Governance Multi-Dimensitional Policy-Making 


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