Evolvable and Machine-Actionable Modular Reports for Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Marek SuchánekEmail author
  • Jan Slifka
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 366)


Independent and preferably atomic services sending messages to each other are a significant approach of Separations of Concerns principle application. There are already standardised formats and protocols that enable easy implementation. In this paper, we go deeper and introduce evolvable and machine-actionable reports that can be sent between services. It is not just a way of encoding reports and composing them together; it allows linking semantics using technologies from semantic web and ontology engineering, mainly JSON-LD and We demonstrate our design on the Data Stewardship Wizard project where reports from evaluations are crucial functionality, but thanks to its versatility and extensibility, it can be used in any message-oriented software system or subsystem.


Service-Oriented Architecture Reports Messaging Machine-actionability Evolvability 



This research was supported by the grant of Czech Technical University in Prague No. SGS17/211/OHK3/3T/18. The work on the Data Stewardship Wizard is partially funded by IOCB of the CAS and ELIXIR infrastructure.


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