Revolution and Counterrevolution in Latin America: The Filmed Experience

Part of the Marx, Engels, and Marxisms book series (MAENMA)


Latin America has posed a range of revolutionary scenarios. This chapter considers both that of guerrilla struggle and that arising from electoral politics, using classic films for illustrative purposes. The films depict revolutionary processes in Cuba (Che Part 1), in Peru and Bolivia (Principal Enemy; Che Part 2), and in Chile (Battle of Chile). Che re-enacts the rise and fall of its protagonist, Ernesto “Che” Guevara; The Principal Enemy is a fictional drama based on actual struggles in the Andes; The Battle of Chile is a documentary about the final turbulent months (in 1973) of the elected Popular Unity government. Questions of how to bridge differences between oppressed peoples and those who would guide them—the perennial questions of leadership—are central in each case.

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