Dynamic Measurement of Spatial Attitude at the Bottom Rotating Drillstring

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In oil and gas directional drilling technology and application, how to accurately measurement the spatial attitude of the bottom drillstring in real time while the drillstring rotating is a challenging problem. We developed a set of “strap-down” measurement system using the triaxial accelerometer and triaxial magnetometers installed near the bit, and real-time well deviation and azimuth can been measured even when the drillstring rotates. Although magnetic based system is the classical, we will use this system to achieve continuous measurement-while-drilling relying on software algorithms. We developed the novel state space models to establish the Kalman filter, improving the accuracy of dynamic measurements. Simulation and experiments results show that the continuous survey system with Kalman filter approach could effectively enhance the measurement precision, and deduce the error that produced by the drillstring vibration. The algorithm greatly improved the accuracy of well-trajectory measurements and is expected to be applied to ordinary magnetic surveying systems, which are more widely used in drilling engineering.


Directional drilling Continuous measurement-while-drilling Kalman State space model 


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