Signal Detection and Processing of Downhole Information Transmission

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We introduced five types of information transmission method for Measurement While Drilling (MWD): cable method, drilling fluid pulse method, acoustic method and electromagnetic wave method and the latest technology of intelligent drill pipe at present. With the application of advanced drilling technologies such as rotary steering drilling and geosteering drilling, the real-time measurement and transmission of a large number of downhole parameters put forward higher requirements on the information transmission rate. Lower transmission rate has become the bottleneck of parameter expansion for measurement. Intelligent drill pipe (Intelli Pipe) is now the latest downhole signal transmission technology with the highest transmission rate. The communication rate can reach up to 2Mbps, and the stable communication rate can reach 56 kbps, which is too much higher than the current electromagnetic wave or mud pulse transmission applied in MWD, but high manufacturing costs are the main factors that constrain its development.


Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Information transmission Acoustic Electromagnetic wave Intelligent drill pipe (Intelli pipe) 


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