Development of Solutions for: Hardening, Strengthening the Sides of the Quarry; Suppression Dust Formation on the Quarry Roads

  • Khaini-Kamal Kassymkanova
  • Gulnara Jangulova
  • Gulnura Issanova
  • Venera Turekhanova
  • Yermek Zhalgasbekov
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With the increase in production and the depth of quarries, the urgency of the problem of increasing the stability of slopes increases. Research in this area includes the development of strengthening slopes and hardening of rocks (Kurmankojayev 2003). If, for the prevention of collapses and landslides, the artificial increase in the strength of large rock massifs is not yet practical, then the prevention of deformations of individual ledges and prevention of scree formation from the surface of slopes by artificial reinforcement is now being used in domestic and foreign quarries.


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  • Khaini-Kamal Kassymkanova
    • 1
  • Gulnara Jangulova
    • 2
  • Gulnura Issanova
    • 3
  • Venera Turekhanova
    • 4
  • Yermek Zhalgasbekov
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  1. 1.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  2. 2.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  3. 3.Faculty of Geography and Environment, Research Center for Ecology and Environment of Central AsiaAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  4. 4.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  5. 5.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan

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