Geological Setting Structural-Tectonic Features and Physical—Mechanical Properties of Mountain Rocks on the Stability of Slopes with the Account of the Time Factor and Large-Scale Explosions

  • Khaini-Kamal Kassymkanova
  • Gulnara Jangulova
  • Gulnura Issanova
  • Venera Turekhanova
  • Yermek Zhalgasbekov
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Analysis of development experience, actual data on the stability of the sides of some of the ore mines in Central Kazakhstan shows that the efficiency of the open method of mining of mineral deposits can be significantly increased through the use of engineering management methods, which in turn is ensured by obtaining reliable information on the geomechanical state of the array.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Khaini-Kamal Kassymkanova
    • 1
  • Gulnara Jangulova
    • 2
  • Gulnura Issanova
    • 3
  • Venera Turekhanova
    • 4
  • Yermek Zhalgasbekov
    • 5
  1. 1.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  2. 2.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  3. 3.Faculty of Geography and Environment, Research Center for Ecology and Environment of Central AsiaAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  4. 4.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan
  5. 5.Faculty of Geography and EnvironmentAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan

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