Online Analytical Procedure Cubes, a More Rapid Approach to Analyzing Frequencies (450 Patients)



Traditional analyses of interaction matrices of frequencies are in the Chaps.  9,  10 and  11. The OLAP (online analytical procedures) cube is another approach with similar results, but it works more rapidly than the other methods. An OLAP cube is a multi-dimensional array of data. Online analytical processing (OLAP) is a computer-based technique of analyzing data to look for insights. OLAP is a category of software that allows users to analyze information from multiple database systems at the same time. It is a technology that enables analysts to extract and view business data from different points of view. OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. Analysts frequently need to group, aggregate and join data. These operations in relational databases are resource intensive. With OLAP data can be pre-calculated and pre-aggregated, making analysis faster. OLAP databases are divided into one or more cubes. The cubes are designed in such a way that creating and viewing reports become easy. This chapter will assess whether online analytical procedures can be applied on health outcomes instead of business outcomes.

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