The Heritage from the 1963–1968 Period. Marcelo Caetano and the Decision of Asking for Studies

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In 1968 the President of the Board of Ministers (Prime-Minister) Salazar became disabled and was replaced by Marcelo Caetano. Great hopes regarding decolonization emerged, while the Escudo Monetary Zone waited for solutions to solve the payment arrears of the largest colonies to the Metropolis. Summoned to Lisbon to explain the increasing delays for the transfers to the Metropolis, the Mozambican Inspector of Credit and Insurance pointed out the effect of the colonial guerrilla activities on people’s expectations, while the President of the Angolan Industrial Association focused on the political and military facets of the financial problems in the Escudo Monetary Zone. Long technical studies were developed addressing these financial difficulties with the aim of launching a reform of the Escudo Monetary Zone.


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