Negotiating the Victim/Offender Nexus

  • Robert McLean
  • Grace Robinson
  • James A. Densley
Part of the SpringerBriefs in Criminology book series (BRIEFSCRIMINOL)


In the first chapter of Part II of this book we looked at the modern history of the IDM in Britain and the fundamental changes that had taken place. This was followed up with a focus in the practicalities of County Lines specifically and detailed how networks were established, how drug dealing occurred on the ground, and how those involved sought to establish illegal governance over the communities in which they operated. In this chapter, we proceed to explore in more detail some of those points which we touched upon in the last chapter around the subject of exploitation.


Exploitation Drug addicts Drug dealers Drug victims Organized crime Victim/offender nexus 


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  • Grace Robinson
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  • James A. Densley
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