Some Combinatorial Coincidences for Standard Representations of Affine Lie Algebras

  • Mirko PrimcEmail author
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In this note we explain, in terms of finite dimensional representations of Lie algebras \(\mathfrak {sp}_{2\ell }\subset \mathfrak {sl}_{2\ell }\), a combinatorial coincidence of difference conditions in two constructions of combinatorial bases for standard representations of symplectic affine Lie algebras.


Affine Lie algebras Standard representations Combinatorial bases Difference conditions for colored partitions 



This work is partially supported by the Croatian Science Foundation under the Project 2634 and by the QuantiXLie Centre of Excellence, a project cofinanced by the Croatian Government and European Union through the European Regional Development Fund—the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Programme (KK.


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