Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based PID Controller for the Control of the Automatic Generation Control

  • Ali Abdyasser KadhumEmail author
  • Thaeer Mueen Sahib
  • Mohsın Mousa Mohammed Ali
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When the automatic generation control (AGC) is used in power system safety, the aim is to ensure that the power systems’ expected frequency is maintained at a perceived stable value. The role of the AGC lies in the adjustment of a given system, especially with the intention of meeting or achieving the required load. Also, SGC aids in ensuring that systems adjust to changes in frequency, besides enhancing the ACE adjustment to zero. However, one of the challenges that face frequency control processes in interconnected zones is the role of single areas. Therefore, this study applies the PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm towards the realization of fine PID controllers, especially in contexts involving two area load frequency controls. From the findings, the investigation demonstrates that the selected controller improve the performance of targeted systems and also enhances operations in AGC supplies; a trend confirmed by the resultant sensible dynamic response. Also, SIMULINK and MATLAB are used to investigate the two areas’ performance control. Similarly, the study employed K–800–23.5–0.0034 or the AL-Dura power plant form.


Two are and single area control system Generation frequency control Particle swarm optimization (PSO) Automatic generation control (AGC) 


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    Email author
  • Thaeer Mueen Sahib
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  • Mohsın Mousa Mohammed Ali
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  1. 1.Al-Furat al-Awsat Technical UniversityAl-KufaIraq

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