An Improved Network Coding Based LEACH Protocol for Energy Effectiveness in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Malothu AmruEmail author
  • Mohammad Jabirullah
  • Asuri Chaitanya Krishna
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 172)


Sensor nodes are tiny in volume hence have restricted power, memory and battery life which reduces energy usage. TO act as a cluster head a cluster has to use energy to balance all nodes based on some LEACH protocols to improve performance and network life span using Node ranked LEACH. The proposed method works on rank and outperforms random process selection leading to unforeseen fail for CH in other LEACH versions and results in good performance.


LEACH protocols Sensor nodes Cluster Ranked LEACH 


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  • Malothu Amru
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    Email author
  • Mohammad Jabirullah
    • 1
  • Asuri Chaitanya Krishna
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  1. 1.Department of ECECMR Engineering CollegeHyderabadIndia

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