FPAA-Based Implementation and Behavioral Descriptions of Autonomous Chaotic Oscillators

  • Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle
  • Ana Dalia Pano-Azucena
  • Omar Guillén-Fernández
  • Alejandro Silva-Juárez


The implementation of fractional-order chaotic oscillators is quite similar to the implementation of integer-order ones. The main difference is the design of the integrator that can have fractional-order or integer-order. This chapter details the implementation of chaotic oscillators using FPAAs that are programmed using Anadigm Designer 2 electronic design automation (EDA) software, and a similar process is detailed and extended to fractional-order chaotic oscillators in Chap.  4. Also, this chapter details the behavioral descriptions of basic modules that are required to implement both integer and fractional-order chaotic oscillators. They are described under the very-high-speed-integrated-circuit hardware description language (VHDL), and those modules are used in Chap.  5 to synthesize different families of fractional-order chaotic oscillators.


FPAA FPGA VHDL programming Chaotic oscillator Fixed-point Binary truncation DAC 


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