Dissemination of Internet of Things Streams in a Real-time Linked Dataspace

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The Internet of Things (IoT) envisions smart objects and intelligent systems collecting and sharing data on a global scale to enable smart environments. One challenging data management issue is how to disseminate data to relevant consumers efficiently. This chapter leverages semantic technologies, such as linked data, which can facilitate machine-to-machine communications to build an efficient stream dissemination system for Semantic IoT. The system integrates linked data streams generated from various collectors and disseminates matched data to relevant consumers based on user queries registered in the system. We design two new data structures to suit the needs of high-performance linked data stream dissemination in the following two scenarios: (1) stream dissemination in point-to-point systems; and (2) stream dissemination in wireless broadcast systems. The evaluation of the approaches using real-world datasets shows that they can disseminate linked data streams more efficiently than existing techniques.


Linked data Event processing Stream dissemination Event matching Dataspaces Internet of Things 

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