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Things You Wouldn’t Say to Your Daughter

  • Panya Banjoko


This is the journey of a descendant of eco-migrant pioneers from the Windrush generation—one that believed education to be a route to social mobility. But what class was/am I when colour speaks so visibly? I speak for girls like me who had to learn a new language and culture before accessing the education system, who negotiated negative stereotypes only to be marginalised and who eventually found hope and redemption by storing herself away in silence. I highlight prominent experiences on the journey to becoming a clever girl—being an elective mute, my relationship with my father, and the hostile environment that surrounded me—before I took my place in the academy. Although the colour of my skin is different to the majority population, I am British and have a right to learn. I share moments of weakness but more importantly moments of strength through vignettes and poetry.


Windrush generation Elective mutism Racism Rastafarianism Poetry 


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  • Panya Banjoko
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  1. 1.School of Arts and HumanitiesNottingham Trent UniversityNottinghamUK

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