Terrestrial Explorers Before the Space Age

  • Michael Carroll


From the first migrations out of northern Africa to the mass trek across the Beringia land bridge into the western continents, humankind has had the longing to move, to expand, to explore. Some migrations came at the hands of drought or famine, but the lure of “just over that horizon” seems to be ingrained in our psyche. Aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin declares that it is a natural, built-in urge for the survival of our species. “Look at nature. Any species that does not expand dies out. It’s natural and healthy for humanity to move out into the cosmos.” Explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison said, “It has always been mankind’s gift, and curse, to be inquisitive – this is what makes us unlike all other species. Without this curiosity we would all have stayed at home.” Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean agreed. “Exploring is part of being human. People have always wanted to know what lies beyond the next mountain or across a faraway river.”

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