Development of Workshop Management System for Assembly Production Process

  • Pengfei ZengEmail author
  • Yuyu Hao
  • Changwu Wu
  • Chunjing Shi
  • Yongping Hao
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11745)


In order to meet the requirements of digital production of assembly workshop from an enterprise, a workshop management system is presented for lean production based on the manufacturing execution system (MES). Enterprise assembly production practices and production management requirements are consulted. The requirement of building workshop management system for assembly production process is analyzed. The organization structure of assembly plant is described, and key business processes of assembly production management are modeled. The system functional structure, main use cases and data relationships are established respectively. The system implementation and the work of application investigation are completed based on the J2EE environment. Through the system development, a digital and informatization workshop management platform is set for enterprise assembly production. The intelligent measure of production management is improved, the capacity of resource allocation and production efficiency are promoted in the product assembly process.


Workshop management system Assembly production process Requirement analysis Functional structure design System development 



This work was supported by the Guided Plan Project of Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province under Grant No. 20180550932, and the project is sponsored by “Liaoning BaqiQianWan Talents Program”.


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  • Yuyu Hao
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  • Changwu Wu
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  • Chunjing Shi
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  • Yongping Hao
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  2. 2.R&D Center of CAD/CAM TechnologyShenyang Ligong UniversityShenyangChina

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