Reputation Management of Russian Companies in the European Union in the Context of Russia and the EU’s Strategic Communication

  • Darya BazarkinaEmail author
  • Kaleria Kramar


The chapter analyzes the reputation management of big Russian enterprises presented in the markets of the European Union (EU) member states. Central to the analysis of Russian business practices is the experience of raw energy companies, as raw materials currently account for the largest share of Russian exports. The Russian oil and gas giants, due to their privileged position, do not ensure their reputation as carefully as non-commodity companies (the experience of the latter is studied on the example of Sberbank). For the last years, the intangible assets of many Russian companies have fallen significantly. We try to prove that not only the internal problems of Russian companies, their reputation management mistakes, but also the intensification of psychological warfare in the EU media space plays some role in that.


Reputation management Business interests Gazprom Lukoil Sberbank 


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