Experimental Study of Cr-Bearing Phases at High Pressures

  • Ekaterina A. MatrosovaEmail author
  • Andrey V. Bobrov
  • Luca Bindi
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With a certain degree of approximation, the model system SiO2–MgO–Cr2O3 characterizes the phase associations of the different regions of the Earth’s mantle. We selected two petrologically significant sections of the ternary diagram SiO2–MgO–Cr2O3 for the experimental study: (1) the Mg4Si4O12–Mg3Cr2Si3O12 system simulating the majorite–knorringite series of solid solutions in mantle garnets and the post-garnet phases with the ilmenite- and perovskite-type structures; (2) the Mg2SiO4–MgCr2O4 system simulating the major polymorph transitions olivine–wadsleyite–ringwoodite, the phase transformations for the post-spinel phases. To study the influence of the small concentrations of Al on the parameters of crystallization and composition of Maj–Knr garnets, we carried out the series of experiments in the SiO2–MgO–Cr2O3 ± Al2O3 system at 7 GPa. The main experimental results obtained in our study are considered below.


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  • Andrey V. Bobrov
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  • Luca Bindi
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