Considerations for Family and Caregivers and Crucial Conversations

  • Jean Moody-Williams


It is vital for healthcare professionals to consider the importance of recognizing the role of families and caregivers as they strive to provide person-centered care. Families and caregivers may be the ones that have to make or influence many of the decisions about the care of the patient, provide valuable information that may help to determine the best treatment, and provide information about the patient’s clinical status. They provide insights into related social determinants of health and are critical to discharge planning as they are often the ones that have to help take care of the patient at discharge. Many times, preparation has not occurred, adding to an already stressful situation. Healthcare professionals may find themselves in the middle of managing family issues during the time of illness. The caregiver may also need encouragement on how to care for themselves in the process of caregiving so they can continue to fulfil their roles. Clinicians should understand the challenges and opportunities for involving families and caregivers in the care process.


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