Nowadays, the need for greenhouse production is growing more and more. This is affected by global climate change with high temperature oscillations, as well as an increasing number of natural disasters that can partly or completely destroy production on open fields. In addition, greenhouse production provides constant yields (fresh fruits, vegetables etc.) during the whole year. However, if the greenhouse is not well designed the yields from greenhouse production are declining considerably. This is the case with most greenhouses in B&H. Therefore, it is necessary to design the system that will maintain optimum conditions in the greenhouse with minimum energy consumption. In this paper is designed the greenhouse (greenhouse model size 120 × 60 cm). The microclimatic conditions in the greenhouse model are approximately the same as the real greenhouse conditions. Several types of plants in the greenhouse model are planted. The system is designed to control all important parameters in the greenhouse with minimal energy consumption. To control the parameters inside the greenhouse, the remote controller with touch 3.5 inch display is designed. This way is enabled for all users who are allowed access to review, analyze and make certain conclusions about the work of the greenhouse. Also, all relevant information about microclimate conditions inside the greenhouse model are sent to the cloud (IoT). In this way, remote access to all relevant data on microclimatic conditions in the greenhouse model is enabled, as well as analysis of the same.


Greenhouse Internet of Things NodeMCU ESP8266 Remote control Energy consumption Microcontroller 


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