Who Are the Post-modern Conservatives?

  • Matthew McManus
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism book series (PASTCL)


This chapter traces the genealogy of post-modern conservatism in the work of major right wing thinkers. In particular it looks at the work of Edmund Burke, Joseph de Maistre, Michael Oakeshott, Lord Devlin, Robert Bork, and of course Peter Lawler-who originated the term post-modern conservatism. It also distinguishes this approach from other variants of conservative thought, from neoliberalism to Straussianism. It then analyzes the characteristics of contemporary post-modern conservatism, framing it as a reactionary outlook driven by resentment and fears of decline. It concludes with an examination of the agonistic politics of post-modern conservatism, particularly how the enemies of the movement are determined.

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