Clinical Representation of Femininity and Maternity in the Mother–Daughter Relationship: Analysis of Clinical Cases

  • Ismahan Soukeyna DiopEmail author
Part of the Pan-African Psychologies book series (PAAFPS)


This chapter provides the analysis of two clinical example cases from the author’s practice, illustrating the problematics of femininity, maternity and mother–daughter relationships. The stories of these women show the destructive relationship they had with their mothers and how they managed to take their distances to build a better image of themselves. Those examples illustrate the previous chapters describing the figures of the ravaging mother, and the submission of their daughters as attributes of their power. This chapter illustrates how African myths and tales can be used in psychotherapy with women from African descent. The position of the author as an African woman and a psychologist, is also discussed. The transference and countertransference mechanisms are shown and explained, in this specific context, taking into account, the ideas of maternal superego and social representations of women.


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