An Empirical Investigation of Real-World QoS of Web Services

  • Yang SyuEmail author
  • Chien-Min Wang
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Quality of service (QoS) is a critical nonfunctional property and a criterion for the selection of web services (WSs); due to its importance, many QoS-aware or QoS-based approaches have been proposed and developed. However, with the existence of numerous approach-based studies of QoS of WSs, we consider that the deficiency in the existing research is the lack of a systematic investigation and analysis of real-world QoS data to discover and understand the characteristics of such data. Therefore, in this paper, we first define a number of research questions related to the properties of WSs’ QoS that could be interesting to WS/QoS researchers. Then, two real-world, large-scale QoS datasets are chosen, and a number of experiments that address the defined research questions are designed and performed on those datasets. Finally, based on the experimental results, the answer to each research question is discussed in detail.

The main contribution of this paper is to empirically reveal and confirm several useful and interesting properties of real-world QoS. For example, it is found that the distance between a service consumer and its invoked WS does not influence the invocation failure rates of the WSs; however, this distance is indeed correlated to the consumer-perceived WS performance in that a shorter distance can lead to a shorter response time and higher throughput (i.e., a better performance) of WSs according to our experimental results.


Web services Quality of Service Empirical study 


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