Study on Visual Guidance on Scene Art Design of Immersive Video

  • Songheng WangEmail author
  • Zhimin Wang
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The absence of narration language is a vital problem in immersive video creation. This paper tries to find out a way to satisfy audiences’ aesthetic and visual requirement, and then realizes visual guidance of immersive video which based on scene art design, and guide them to follow the narration of immersive video and realize the effective visual narration of immersive video. The case analysis and experimental analysis method are applied as the main study method in this article. And we came to the conclusion that in the scene art design of immersive video, scenery form, position distribution, spatial relationship, color, light and shadow can help to tell the story of the video and catch the attention of the audience solely or cooperatively. With they successfully catch audiences’ attention, immersive video can enhance the way to tell their idea of the story thus makes the narration more easily to convey the meaning of the work.


Immersive video Scene art design Visual guidance 


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