Human Computer Interaction in Education

  • Alexiei DingliEmail author
  • Lara Caruana Montaldo
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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1034)


The Artificial Intelligence Assisted Learning application has been created to help Mathematics students at primary school level and assist their teachers. The application generates classwork and homework worksheets based on each student’s ability level, corrects the worksheet, and gives immediate feedback to both the student and teacher. A crucial Human Computer Interaction concept implemented in the AIAL system is usability since the target audience is primary students and teachers who may have a basic proficiency in IT skills. Through the use of clearly partitioned sections, for classwork, homework, results and trophies, and intuitive controls, the application is easy to use and has a very low learning curve. Gamification and reinforcement elements were included in this application to further increase student engagement and enjoyment levels. The AIAL application can also be used for continuous assessment purposes. In the testing phase, it was noted that students enjoyed using the app.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Artificial Intelligence Assisted Learning (AIAL) 


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