Challenging Clinical Cases Discussion

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This book addresses the “know what” (facts) and the “know why” (Science), and utilizes concepts by pairing the use of knowledge with technology, and then concludes with the “know how to do” chapter. This chapter aims to enable clinicians in solving everyday clinical encounters.

We have collected numerous simple, complex and interesting airway-management clinical cases, and presented them in a simple and practical way.

We hope that this may assist in better management of these cases and will inspire our colleagues to push the boundaries to make treatment safer and successful and safe life of our pateints. So, we will discuss the following items for each case: clinical picture, examination, investigations, conventional radiological diagnosis, and radiological 3-D and VE effects on diagnosis, surgical intervention: and airway management.


Challenging clinical cases Radiological 3-D Virtual endoscopy Abnormal Hyoid bone Glottic stenosis Trachea-oesophageal fistula Fibre-optic naso-endoscopy 

Supplementary material

Movie 12.1

TTP of the airway showing significant reduction of the airway caliber (AVI 3292 kb)

Movie 12.2

Circular hyoid bone demonstrated in the VRT images which is rotated 360 degrees. Note that the superior cornu of the thyroid cartilage is sharing in the same process (AVI 39886 kb)

Movie 12.3

CA right side maxilla with right-sided sizable highly vascular metastatic neck lymphadenopathy mass lesion (AVI 6494 kb)

Movie 12.4

CA right side maxilla with right-sided sizable highly vascular metastatic neck lymphadenopathy mass lesion (AVI 6187 kb)

Movie 12.5

(AVI 3568 kb)


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