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Soils have a remarkable role in providing ecosystem services which are very often overlooked by the soil scientists. Indian soil scientists developed state-of-the-art information in the last decade on tropical soils of India and argued with both scientific and economic rigour that soils have a paramount role to play in ecosystem services. Although such valuable work has been done on Indian tropical soils, it has always been difficult to manage these soils to sustain their productivity because some unique soil properties are yet to be linked explicitly to soil ecosystem services. The inclusion of soils in ecosystem services frameworks and policy- and decision-making needs to happen effectively so that soil science emerges as a ‘forward-looking field of science’. Soil care needs to be a constant research endeavour in Indian tropical environment so that gaps between food production and future population growth can be filled. Therefore, it would be interesting to follow how lower-level ecosystem services could be linked to soil properties of Indian tropical soils. This chapter highlights some important soil property-driven ecosystem services of Indian tropical soils (as discussed in Chaps.  2,  3,  4,  5 and  6) that aim at facilitating a re-evaluation of the soil ecosystem services with adequate attention and care.


Indian tropical soils Key soil properties Ecosystem services 

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